New Arrivals at Knowsley Safari Park

By on Monday, April 15, 2013

All together now: Aaaawww.

(Press release: Knowsley Safari Park)

Following the long winter period, keepers at Knowsley Safari are witnessing the first signs of spring as they celebrate the births of a baby Lechwe calf, Pére David Deer calf and an adorable Bactrian Camel calf.

This two-humped youngster is the newest addition to the Bactrian camel herd at Knowsley Safari and could grow to two metres tall at the hump and weigh up to 500kg.


Listed as extinct in the wild, the breeding of the Pére David Deer at Knowsley Safari is important to the conservation of the animals existence. At just 50cm tall, the young male has a lot of growing to do before he will be standing antler to antler with the rest of the herd. They can grow about 1.2 meters tall to the shoulders.


This unusual Lechwe Calf has been settling in well with the rest of the herd and keeping close to mum during the colder mornings.


Eveline De Wolf, Head of Animal Division at Knowsley Safari comments: “It has been a long hard winter for most of the animals at Knowsley Safari, and the arrival of spring makes life a lot easier for our animals that have young to look after.

“Visitors are able to spot the youngsters finding their feet on the 550-acre safari drive and keepers are on-hand throughout the day to talk about the conservation work taking place at Knowsley Safari.”

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