Knowsley Stands by Prescot Plans, Dismisses Objections

By on Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Five Knowsley councillors are angry with Knowsley Council after it stood by Cabinet plans to jettison Prescot Leisure Centre and replace it with smaller facilities.

Councillors Bill and Marjorie Sommerfield, Yvonne Southern, Joan McGarry and Sarah Smithson “called in” the Cabinet’s initial decision, which they said reneged on earlier promises to refurbish the current facilities. They also claimed Prescotians had been misled about the options at a consultation held in October.

On Monday, Cllr Eddie Connor told the Health and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee that refurbishment was impossible, as the building was in such poor condition that it left Knowsley “with no choice but to adopt an alternative plan which would see the people of Prescot get the facility they deserve.”

The committee said it was “satisfied with the explanations given” and rejected the criticisms.

But opponents point to the October consultation, at which 42.5 percent of Prescotians voted to refurbish the existing leisure centre. Only 28 percent voted for the smaller pitch-side facilities.

Further infuriating opponents, one Prescot councillor reportedly arrived 15 minutes before the end of the hearing and voted in favour of Knowsley’s plans, despite not having heard the arguments presented to the committee.

They also say the current building is structurally sound, and Knowsley made its decision based on just one company’s opinion.

Cllr Ian Smith, who abstained from the calling-in of Knowsley’s decision due to a declared interest, said the survey identified “upgrades and modernisation works costing


  1. brian ellis

    Thursday, November 11, 2010 at 8:57 pm

    As we have known for years that knowsley council want prescot shut and like a ghost town.Why should people be forced to shop elsewhere.I support all the proposals,people of prescot and surouding areas should force the council to have a market day each month.Ever since tescos arrived prescot town centre has dwindled down to charity shops bookies and banks.Only a few shops left that have been there years.

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