Knowsley Labour Councillors Accuse Lib Dems, Defend Prescot Plans

By on Sunday, February 13, 2011

Prescot’s Labour councillors have criticised their Lib Dem counterparts and said that Knowsley Council’s plans for the town will “revitalize the centre of Prescot.”

In Prescot Voice, the local newsletter published by Knowsley Labour Group, Labour councillors Denise Allen and Rob Arnall (pictured) accused Prescot’s Liberal Democrat councillors of being negative and inward-looking.

“We want to keep you informed and pledge to bring the facts in a responsible and mature way,” the pamphlet said, “unlike the Liberal Democrats with their sticky back plastic placards constantly talking Prescot down.”

Cllr Allen added that shoppers were “sick and tired of Liberal Democrat Councillors whingeing and moaning in Eccleston Street on a Saturday afternoon, knocking every chance that Prescot has to lift ourselves as a community.”

The controversy stems from Knowsley Council’s decision to shut down Prescot Leisure Centre and replace it with a smaller, multi-purpose pitch-side facility. Prescot Museum will be moved from its Grade-II listed Georgian house and relocated in the council One-Stop Shop with Prescot Library.

Labour says the new leisure facilities are unavoidable, and the library and museum move will bring together all services under one roof for easy access.

Some Prescot residents, however, supported by Knowsley Lib Dem leader Cllr Ian Smith, have objected to the plans, campaigning regularly in the town centre and gathering petition signatures. Opponents of Knowsley Council point to the council’s own survey, in which only 28 percent of Prescotians voted in favour of shutting the leisure centre.

Prescot’s Labour team says Knowsley is only following through on budget decisions agreed by all parties in its 2009 three-year leisure strategy.

“Liberal Democrats now want to tear up


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