Local Elections: Labour Gains on Knowsley Council, Lib Dem Losses

By on Friday, May 6, 2011

Knowsley CouncilVoters in Knowsley elected and re-elected 21 Labour councillors to Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council yesterday, dwindling the number of Liberal Democrat seats to 4


  1. len

    Saturday, May 7, 2011 at 7:03 pm

    Terry Byron took whiston south

  2. prescotonline

    Saturday, May 7, 2011 at 10:39 pm

    Thanks, Len.

  3. Raul Robessto

    Tuesday, May 10, 2011 at 9:00 pm

    As a resident of Prescot for the past five years i have sadly witnessed the decline of the quality of life and services in the town.
    This decline started slowly at first but like all bacteria given the right conditions it will spread ,in the last two years the decline has been rapid .
    I first contacted KMBC about my concerns and did not receive the courtesy of a reply..After making several phone calls i was directed by a very dissmissive employee at KMBC to a councillor .
    I spoke to this councillor whom i was unaware at the time which political party they belonged to,i was of the opinion that a councillor should act if requested to do so. The response beggared belief and left me totally dismayed over the lack of of care and respect .
    i felt no respect was taken either for myself or that of the community .at the end of the call i asked the councillor to which political party they belonged to they replied Labour .
    After mulling over things i decided that i will put the same concerns to a Liberal Democrat councillor in exactly the same way as i did to the Labour councillor.
    the response could not have been more different ,the councillor listened and did not once interrupt ,listened to my concerns and said they would act and thanked me for my input .
    I thought well at least they listened and gave me respect which was more than i had before .Well i could be not more wrong within days i had received a reply .The follow up gave me hope and was uplfting ,not only did they keep me informed the councillor also informed me of other changes that were proposed by Labour run KMBC .
    I must call to Question KMBC as to why i and the residents were not consulted about these changes and at the same time must question the labour councillor lack of informing us residents of the the changes .is it a case that they were towing the party line and deemed these changes so trivial rather than ask what the community wanted because they new that it is not what Prescot wanted . Why do we have people representing Prescot when they do not live in Prescot .
    The recent election results bemuse me as this was a local election ,the result was none other than a protest vote against national against the Liberal Democrats coalition .
    To me if want to make a protest there is many ways you can do so but to do it via a ballot
    box is wrong , its a wasted vote because you are not putting your community first ,the danger being you will elect
    the very people or party that have and will continue to do so caused the very decline in the first place .In my opinion you might as well not voted at all .
    I have gone through the figures and it is clear that a turn out of less than 50% does not fully represent the community. Surely there must be an arguement of making voting compulsory , then and only then will you get a true picture.
    I am totally dismayed at the people of Prescot whom voted that they chose to vote labour purely as as a protest .
    As a reult we will not only lose our swimming pool , leisure centre and the downgrading of our library and museum services , this is only the start what next .
    Looking on various sites i cannot help but feel this town what a great and proud town this once was .
    , sadly today the town is a former shadow of its glory years and is now a sad story of neglect and the added closures will only add to this decline .
    Do not think that these closures are due to the recent government cuts , these decisions were taken well before the cuts were announced plus KMBC have reserves that they do tell you about .
    Unfortunately the only strand of hope we as residents had was lost to a protest vote ,the hard working town council now lost to Labour .just like my voice the communities voice and opinions will be ignored and a once
    proud and flourishing town destroyed .
    At least i can look my children in the eye and answer honestly when they ask why don’t we have a swimming pool .etc I can answer that despite me voting to save these vital services ,other chose to to use their vote to protest against what was a national feeling and not in the interest of themselves family or the community . In years to come they will realise what a grave mistake they made ,in effect they hung their own town out to dry .
    i can live with my decision but can they ?

  4. harry doward

    Thursday, May 12, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    Sadly, the Labour run Council, cllrs and vast majority of KMBC employees are thick, ignorant and have no clue about Prescot.
    George Orwells’ Animal Fram springs to mind whenever I deal with the muppets at KMBC.
    It is difficult to explain to these idiots when all they can see is employment, redevelopment and education … all built in Huyton and Kirkby of course.
    Time’s Up – Back to Lancs for Prescot and Whiston before the Cllrs decide St Mary’s Church is causing an issue and have it removed brick by brick.

    I’m not political so the townsfolk need to motivate and move en masse to stop the destruction of our historic town, otherwise over 1000 years of history will be destroyed by these quasi-scouse tossers trying to build the Knowsley Brand.

  5. harry doward

    Thursday, May 12, 2011 at 5:37 pm

    Meant to mention could one of the KMBC employees please put the plans for the Prescot Leisure Centre circa 2002/03 online?
    It shows how they wanted to redevelop the BICC social Club, bowling greens, tennis courts, grass pitches and astroturf pitches with 96 new houses.
    Such a pity THEY DIDN’T OWN THE LAND YET DID A DEAL TO SELL IT TO DEVELOPERS WITHOUT CONSULTATION…maybe because they thought they would get away with it?? Maybe because they treat Prescotians like moronic idiots with low IQs (I suppose they’re used to it during their day jobs). It’s a good job the locals know what’s what and challenged the dodgy land deal with a 500 year old covenant.
    Knowsley = Corrupt scumbags who would sell ANYTHING to keep unemployables in jobs. ABOLISH KNOWSLEY NOW!

  6. Raul Robessto

    Friday, May 13, 2011 at 11:07 pm

    I must say that whilst i agree with Harrys points ,i feel that nothing can be achieved from anger and clearly and justified his post is ,it is however not the way forward ,Yes he is correct its all Huyton and Kirkby . Both harry and myself raise many questions as to the integretity of KMBC and it can only get worse under a labour run town council . As i am sure this will cease to be in the near future . What i want is whats best for prescot ,We had a great candidate in Prescot Central a man who lives and cares about Prescot and would have fought hard for this town and we lost councillors whom have worked hard all to a protest vote , well that protest vote is about to come back and hit them where it hurts , i would love it if we can get out of Knowsley even better to get Labour out of our town ,Things do not add up and sooner or later things could change ,its just a matter of time .

  7. harry doward

    Monday, May 16, 2011 at 1:46 pm

    Like yourself, I’m just interested in my town and its future.
    The BBC Politics Show covered the leisure centre and scotchbarn baths closure with a decent interview with the Lib Dem Cllr. No comment from labour…or anyone from KMBC for that matter? Hopefully the first of many negative stories on KMBC and their shocking approach to my town.
    I think it has gone past politics and debate, time for action before we end up dropping a few letters in the town and rename it T ESCO!
    Bring back the Four Men and the Court Leet and let’s get Prescot out of Knowsley for good.

  8. Raul Robessto

    Tuesday, May 17, 2011 at 9:44 pm

    Harry i could not agree more ,yes the interview was good and the lack of comment from KMBC beggars belief it really showed they have no interest in Prescot .KMBC’s latest article on that they are applying for funding for Prescot is all spin and when it is rejected they will blame the coalition govt. Even if they were successful why should we believe them as they have already backtracked on a

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