Prescot Pupils Inspired to Reach for the Stars

By on Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Evelyn_Avenue_Primary_School_Aspirations_DayPupils in Prescot have been inspired to aim high by professionals from range of industries.

Police officers, firefighters, an entrepreneur and football coach were among those who met with children at Evelyn Community Primary School to talk about their work.

Pupils found out about the different career paths into each visitor’s work and heard from them how important the subjects learnt in school have been in helping them do their job.

Evelyn Primary holds a biennial Aspirations Day for all pupils to show the children how they will need to use the subjects they are taught in classroom in their future careers and day-to-day working life.

Inspired by their conversations with the visitors the pupils went on to share their own aspirations with their classmates and captured them on a mobile which is now on display in the main school hall.

Carole Arnold, Head Teacher at Evelyn Community Primary, said: “Aspirations Day was a huge success. The pupils were really inspired by meeting and talking to so many people doing such a variety of interesting jobs. The children were very interested to find out from each of the visitors how they got into their job and how what they learnt in school has helped them in their role.”

Therese Brown, Learning Mentor, added: “I think it’s really important that pupils find out first-hand how the subjects they learn in school will be really important in their adult, working lives whatever career they decide to pursue.”

(Press release, Knowsley Council)

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