Lib Dem Activist Opposes Prescot Waste Site

By on Friday, March 23, 2012

Carl Cashman, well known for his local activism on behalf of Whiston and Prescot, sends me this item from the latest edition of Prescot Focus:


Lib Dem candidate Carl Cashman went in search of the second application for 600 new houses on the same site as the proposed waste facility. In the minutes of the meeting Carl discovered that the company who are building the waste site had objected to the new housing project. They said that there would be ‘a future perception that the Remondis waste facility would be a “bad neighbour”, which may result in campaigns to close the facility or change its operating procedures.’

The company goes on to say ‘Remondis seeks to foster close links with the local community and, if the company believed that it could not establish such links with local residents, it would consider relocating elsewhere’.

This contradicts Knowsley Labour’s argument that ‘they had no choice in the matter’. In the statement Redmondis seem quite willing to go elsewhere. Don’t forget that it was your Prescot Labour Councillors who voted for the waste site in Prescot.

Carl Cashman has criticised Labour for playing politics over the Carr Lane waste site scenario. Carl said ‘Why won’t Labour listen to the people of Prescot who clearly don’t want a waste site.’

Download the latest edition of the local Lib Dems’ Prescot Focus (PDF newsletter) by clicking here. It contains a petition against the Prescot waste site, which readers can sign and send to Carl.

Previous coverage of the Carr Lane waste facility:

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  1. HighHiller

    Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 3:25 pm

    So we have a leaflet from Labour ‘slamming’ the Lib Dems and a leaflet from the Lib Dems ‘slamming’ Labour . And people wonder why turnout is so low in local elections.

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