New Prescot Library, Museum & One Stop Shop to Open 23 April

By on Thursday, March 29, 2012

Prescot CentreThe new Prescot Centre, combining Prescot Library, Prescot Museum and One Stop Shop, will open on Monday, 23 April.

Prescot Library, on High Street, and Prescot Museum, on Church Street, will relocate to council premises in the Prescot Shopping Centre on Eccleston Street. The building has been given a £1.2-million refurbishment to accommodate them and the One Stop Shop, which has occupied the building since the closure of the short-lived Prescot Civic Suite.

Knowsley Council argued the move would both save money and bring visitors to the struggling Prescot town centre.

The old Prescot Museum building, a three-storey Georgian town house, is on the market for £250,000.


  1. Dave63256

    Friday, April 6, 2012 at 10:06 pm

    I hope the combining of Prescot Library and Museum in the Prescot Shopping Centre reaps the rewards that are being hoped for. However, I believe that it will take much more then just relocating two of the town’s facilities that are already in close proximity of Eccleston Street to achieve what Knowsley Council are claiming it will.

    I am shocked, to say the least, that the Borough Council have put the old Prescot Museum up for sale for as little as £250,000. The reason why I am shocked is because there is a seven (7) bedroomed Edwardian property up for sale in Eccleston Park; the price – £995,000. A six (6) bedroomed property in the same area is on the market for £750,000. Closer to the Prescot Town Centre, stands a six (6) bedroomed property for sale at £480,000. In one road alone, there are four properties, all with five (5) bedrooms, with a price range between £300,000 to £375,000. You can find them all easily yourself just by doing a Google search under ‘Property prices in Prescot.’

    £250,000 seems to me to be a mightily cheap give-away. I can only assume that it is being sold so cheaply in order to attract a property developer who will buy it and transform this once proud public building into flats for private profit. Prescot will not see a single penny of the £250,000, nor will it reap any of the profits made on it after it is sold off as this will go directly into the developers pocket. If my assumption is correct, those profits will be considerably more then £250,000. That you can be sure of.

  2. Prescotian

    Monday, April 16, 2012 at 2:05 pm

    Spot on again Dave, although I’d guess it’s a done deal with whoever got the refurb contract!!
    can;t quite see the sums adding up

    £1.2m spend (REALLY ONE MILLION QUID+???) and £250k back…shorely shome mishtake?

    Who is holding KMBC to account for this colossal waste of council tax payers money. And, even if this comes from some heritage funding pot it’s still taxpayers money being squandered. This must be happening up and down the country too.

  3. dave63256

    Monday, May 14, 2012 at 9:04 pm

    Has anyone been to visit the new museum? I went this morning and have to confess that I was left speechless….speechless at wondering “What The… ???”

    I seem to remember a good number of grandfather and grandmother clocks on display as you walked up the stairs of the old museum. I also remember the artwork inside of the glassed off rooms that gave the impression that you could look out through the same windows and see exactly what the watchmakers would see in their day. You felt like you were entering another world when you looked in, a world from a time long gone. It brought the rich history of Prescot to life just by being there and being able to look in.

    The new place is just a handful of glass cabinets full of exhibits and one big clock as you walk in. I also came across an old clocking in/out machine, at least I assume it’s old. For all I know, it’s probably still used by the One Stop Shop staff for its intended purpose.

    I do not know what part of our history included one of those machines where you can pay your rent, council tax, water, etc! but it seems to have pride of place in the new museum. I also felt like I was being watched by the massive office desk just to the left as you walk through the door. Obviously I wasn’t, but it just made my visit feel like an unwelcome one.

    In short, I personally do not like the new museum. It’s a joke to be honest and certainly not worth the £1.2 million it cost to create it.

    I would certainly appreciate any of our six councillors to come to Prescot Online and explain where a lot of the old exhibits have gone and also tell us why they feel that the new museum is something we should be proud of.

  4. Dave63256

    Monday, May 21, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    One week on and no response from any of our six Labour Councillors in Prescot. Why am I not surprised?

  5. Dave

    Friday, June 8, 2012 at 10:02 pm

    Almost one month later….our glorious elected officials are showing their true worth to the people of Prescot.

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