Four Seats up for Grabs in Prescot, Whiston Elections

By on Thursday, April 5, 2012

Knowsley Council logoFour councillors will be elected to represent Prescot and Whiston in the upcoming local election.

On Thursday, 3 May, candidates will contest Prescot East, Prescot West, Whiston North and Whiston South wards for a seat on Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council.

2012 Local Election Candidates (Prescot & Whiston, Knowsley Council)

Prescot East

  • Carl Cashman (Liberal Democrats)
  • Derek McEgan (Labour)
  • Gary Robertson (Conservative)

Prescot West

  • Robert Avery (Con)
  • Mike Kearns (Lab)
  • Ian Smith (Lib Dem)
  • Steve Whatham (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)

Whiston North

  • Sandra Gaffney (Lab)
  • Gillian Robertson (Con)
  • Sophia Smith (Lib Dem)

Whiston South

  • Bernard Carter Neill (Con)
  • Marjorie Sommerfield (Lib Dem)
  • David Williams (Lab)

For more information on when and where to vote, visit the Knowsley Council website or phone the Knowsley Elections Office on 0151 443 2222.


  1. Prescotian

    Monday, April 16, 2012 at 2:10 pm

    Prescot West – is that the same Cllr Mike Kearns who lives in Kirkby?
    and the same Mike Kearns who claims incapacity benefit for that ‘limp’…(it’s the right leg this week isn’t it Mike?)

    where do I apply to stand as an Independent for the Prescot Party?

  2. Dave63256

    Monday, April 16, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    It’s Mike Kearns who lives in Huyton. His agent lives in Knowsley Village and he is a current councillor for Prescot West.

  3. Dave63256

    Thursday, April 26, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    On the 25th April 2012, the first Vote Labour glossy arrived through my letterbox. It outlines six pledges made by the Labour Party to the electorate, all of which are to be achieved within the next three years.


    The first pledge is to ensure that all of the schools (they are called Centres For Learning today but for me they will always be known as schools) in Knowsley will achieve the national average of five (5) GCSE levels between A* and -C. The figure in the glossy says that Labour run Knowsley will aim to have 8,500 more children achieving these targets.

    Anyone who has any experience in education will know that this pledge is piffle. When the Local Education Authority set targets for individual schools, they always set them higher then the individual school can reasonably achieve, and they do it knowingly. In doing this, those children who are not as academically gifted as others, get left behind because the imperative for schools is that they MUST hit the targets set or they will be branded as a failing school, even if the school achieves more then what they had set as their original target. It’s absurd but that is how it works.

    The result of this folly will be seen by the increase in the number of children who grow more and more disaffected with school because nobody can be bothered to help them as they are only expected to achieve LESS then a -C in any given subject. These will be the children who will be left behind and will spend most of their time wondering if attending school is worth it. The answer is always the same – no. As a result, truancy increases but no one is really all that concerned because these are the under-achieving children, they are not the children who are going to get those grades for the school concerned and, at the same time, help the LEA reach their own targets. This gives our hard pressed teachers the opportunity to work more exclusively with those children who are more academically gifted in order to hit the ludicrous targets set by pen pushers in the LEA who have, in all probability, never been inside of a classroom since they were at school themselves. These education bureaucrats then take all the plaudits from Central Government for hitting the targets they set, while the rest of us are left to wonder why anti-social behaviour is rife and on the increase.


    The second pledge is to put over 10,000 people into long term jobs in the three years. However, living in Prescot, I get the strange feeling that none of these jobs will come to Prescot. With the recent announcement of job cuts at Dairy Crest in Kirkby, I suspect that most of these jobs will appear in Kirkby as well as Huyton, if they appear at all, where access to the motorway network is within stone throwing distance of the main industrial parks. Prescotians will be told to be thankful that we have a Tesco providing us with countless part time jobs. Here is an interesting “Did You Know?” Did you know that when Tesco opened up in Whiston, it did not create one single new job, either full or part time, as the staff were merely moved from the Prescot store. Some investment that turned out to be for the people of Whiston.


    The third pledge leaves me speechless. Knowsley is a part of the Liverpool City Region. The glossy says that the area has 1.5 million people and has a real potential for economic growth. The glossy then says that Labour will ensure that Knowsley is a part of this. Maybe it is just me, but when we are already a part of something, we should not have to work to be a part of it, because we already ARE a part of it!!!! Anyway, four job growth areas have been identified; the Knowledge Economy, the Low Carbon Economy, the Super Port Economy, and the Visitor Economy. When you look at the City of Liverpool and what is has, then look at Prescot Town and what we have, you know whose economy is going to grow out of the four areas they have identified.


    The fourth is regarding housing, promising 426 affordable homes, and selling off land that will be enough for 2,250 additional new homes in Knowsley. It sounds good until you read the following statement –

    “In Knowsley we need more new houses if we are to attract more people into the Borough.”

    This is a pledge that is clearly not for the current electorate of Knowsley. I do not know the current unemployment figures for Knowsley, but I do know that the last time I knew what they were, they helped to ensure that Knowsley was one of the most deprived Boroughs in the United Kingdom. With the scarcity of employment opportunities in Knowsley, the last thing the people of Knowsley need is an influx of more people.

    The last paragraph in this pledge was a promise to improve the use of existing housing stock by addressing empty homes. I seem to recall that Knowsley Borough Council abdicated their responsibility to the Borough’s housing stock when they sold it all to the Knowsley Housing Trust. If, by housing stock, they mean ‘private’ houses that are empty, then what is the point of building MORE of them?


    The fifth pledge is just a swing at the national government. We should not lose sight of the fact that the issues the local political parties should be campaigning on should be local issues and not national ones. They declare this pledge, that every Knowsley resident will have access to free debt and money advice and affordable credit. This is a pledge that they are promising to have in place in the next three years. It would be a worthy and honourable pledge except for two small oversights. ONE – We already have access to free debt and money advice through the Knowsley Citizens Advice Bureau. All you have to do is ring 0845 1221 300 and they will direct you to your nearest branch. TWO – We have a number of Credit Unions across the Borough who can help with affordable credit.

    These things ALREADY exist so what sort of promise is this?


    The sixth pledge is to bring five new community businesses into the local economy. Well, we already know that Prescot is getting a temporary “Pop Up” shop to promote Knowsley Safari Park out of the Portas Project cash that we will hopefully be getting. Why do I get the strange feeling in my gut that this will be claimed as a part of this pledge?


    There is nothing in the Labour Party Manifesto that I can see that will bring anything to Prescot. It is, as the document claims, to be Labour’s Manifesto for Knowsley. Prescot Online is as good a place as any, where you can read it over and over and over again that Knowsley has done nothing for Prescot since it’s creation. Nothing. They will point to the rehousing of our library and museum into the One Stop Shop in the Prescot Shopping Centre, however, this was not done as an investment in Prescot by Knowsley Borough Council, it was done to save money for them.

    Derek McEgan is standing for Labour in Prescot East. Derek is a good man and he is as honest as the day is long. It therefore saddens me to say that I will not be voting for him on the 3rd of May because I cannot support a manifesto that promises nothing for the people of Prescot.

    I am fairly certain that neither Derek or his agent will have had anything to do with the content of this glossy garbage. In fact, I will be shocked if they have, really shocked. The front and back cover are all right and what you would expect from a party political electioneering document, but on the inside, it’s just worthless rhetoric that will make no difference whatsoever to Prescot.

  4. same old

    Friday, April 27, 2012 at 10:48 am

    a pop up shop advertising knowsley safari park…I live in Prescot so I already know where it is thanks!!
    Such a pity we can’t cut the political cr@p in the area and have a few more George Galloway types standing up for their towns. That way, hyper local issues are on the agenda rather than the boring claims and counter claims from the Lab and Lib Dems we get in Prescot.

    I went to school in Prescot – Oliver Lyme Road, Maryville and then Prescot School. It merged with schools from Huyton around 1984 I think – what a disaster that was! The problem we have is gelling together fundementally different types of people.
    Hard working, honest, intelligent, Lancashire prescotians with *cough* our cousins from Liverpool and outlying districts.
    Prescot is different to Kirkby, Huyton, Stockbride Village and Halewood in so many ways yet Knowsley think there is a one size fits all approach to solving the ‘issues’. Buying new equipment for areas that destroy it every two years is not a solution KMBC.

    I’m all for helping the needy but come on, some of these malingerers choose benefits as a lifestyle choice.

    Back to Prescot and the current woes. There are plenty of people with two penneth to say but hundreds who care not so it will stay in Knowsley until these small groups start working together and get the whole town and residents activated for a change in direction.

    Prescot is my home town, my ancestors lived here and worked the land, worked in watchmaking, at the BICC…thank god they gave me ambition and aspiration to achieve things and punch above my weight even though I had my education when Knowsley was bottom in the UK for achievement.

    Poor background, no job, on benefits are just lame excuses – knowledge is free and knowledge is Power.

    If George Galloway can do it in Bradford then we can do it in Prescot.

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