Knowsley Goes to Labour, Lib Dems Lose All Seats

By on Friday, May 4, 2012

Knowsley Council logoKnowsley Council is 100-percent Labour after Thursday’s local elections unseated the borough’s four remaining Liberal Democrat councillors. The results leave Knowsley with 63 Labour seats and no opposition party.

Lib Dem councillors Ian Smith (Prescot West), Yvonne Southern (Whiston South) and Harry Birch (Halewood South) all lost their seats. William Sommerfield stepped down from Prescot East, and Carl Cashman ran but lost in his place.

Derek McEgan and Mike Kearns won in Prescot East and West, respectively, and David Williams now represents Whiston South, while Sandra Gaffney keeps her seat in Whiston North. Gary See is newly elected for Halewood South.

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