Prescot Inspires Novelist’s Debut Thriller

By on Thursday, August 2, 2012

The End, by Dave LaceyA local writer credits Prescot with inspiring his first novel, an international conspiracy thriller about a Liverpool detective working for Greater Manchester Police.

Dave Lacey, originally from Kirkby, released The End as an ebook in March, 2012. Other novels in the “Auslander” series will follow soon.

“I first had the idea for the series around fifteen years ago,” Dave told Prescot Online, “but I had no idea how to put pen to paper.”

He added, “The second book is the one I had the idea for, but I needed to find a way to get there — hence the first installment.”

The End begins in Mexico, in 1965, with the ominous discovery of an artefact relating to the ancient Mayan civilization. Fast forward to the present day, when a string of murders seems linked to a conspiracy to hide the truth behind the decades-old find. Detective Jack Sumner, whom Lacey says he named after his nephew, is “embroiled in a case which grows towards a devastating climax.”

“I first moved to Prescot twelve years ago,” said Dave. “We rented a great house on Liverpool Road, and spent probably the happiest time in any house for the next five years or so.”

He looks back fondly on strolls through Brown’s Field and Carr Lane fishing lake, although he says his favourite spots were the tree-lined avenues of Eccleston Park, and Old Lane, running behind Rainhill. “Actually, talking evening walks around Prescot was great inspiration for the final half of The End,” he said, “and most of The Golden Path, which is the children’s book I am just finishing.”

The second book in the Auslander series is due for release in Spring 2013. In the meantime, download The End via Smashwords (several formats) or Amazon (for Kindle).

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