£10k Boost for Prescot’s Town Team

By on Monday, October 29, 2012

(Press release: Knowsley Council)

Efforts to revitalise Prescot town centre were given a boost when the ‘Town Team’ working on revamping its fortunes was made an official Portas Pilot Town Team Partner.

This means Prescot’s retailers will benefit from a support package created as part of retail guru Mary Portas’s national review into the future of the high street, as well as a £10,000 grant to kick-start plans to boost trade in the old market town.

Prescot’s Town Team, which comprises local retailers, landlords and representatives from local bodies including Knowsley Council, PrescotTown Council and the Knowsley Chamber of Commerce, applied to become a Town Team Partner in September.

The £10,000 funding, from the Department for Communities and Local Government, will help the Team support more advertising and marketing of town centre businesses and trial a shuttle bus to link the town centre and Cables Retail Park on market days.

The funding will also support  an improved package of events in Prescot town centre to increase visitor numbers, and pay for the production of a promotional newsletter for residents and businesses, raising awareness of local shops and offers and encouraging people to ‘buy local’.

And retailers in the town centre will benefit from customer service training to enhance their own offer and build on the town’s reputation as a unique shopping destination.

These measures all reflect the concerns and suggestions that have been put forward by Prescot town centre retailers, businesses and landlords themselves.

Lesley Martin-Wright, Chief Executive of Knowsley Chamber of Commerce, said: “This is a really positive step and allows the Town Team to get started with some of the ideas we have come up with. Local businesses have shown they are willing to work together and are very enthusiastic to get going.

“Now we hope the whole community will get behind us.”

Cllr Dave Lonergan, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Economy and Skills at Knowsley Council, said: “These are tough times for the British High Street, as Mary Portas herself has recognised.

“But Prescot is a lovely, traditional market town with a rich heritage. Most importantly, perhaps, everyone involved with Prescot Town Centre has bags of enthusiasm and passion to help the town weather these tough times and come out stronger.

“Becoming a Town Team Partner is a great boost for all involved.”

Local MP George Howarth and Prescot’s major tourist attraction Knowsley Safari Park have also supported the town’s bid to become a Town Team Partner and attract investment into the town centre. Supporting and improving Prescot town centre is a priority for Knowsley Council and its partners. In 2011 the council reintroduced a regular market to Prescot. The Prescot Producer’s market has now become a monthly highlight, attracting traders and shoppers from across the region.

In addition, the council is awaiting the outcome of a bid to the heritage lottery fund for £1.89m to support conservation in the town centre. This would improve its appearance, emphasising Prescot’s rich heritage as well as giving local people the opportunity for training in construction and restoration techniques.


  1. domcoop

    Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at 2:40 pm

    Better news than nothing, although the Council will invariably squander this on pointless external consultants who will come out with local-authority-gobledegook-speak about “constructively enagaging with the community endeavouring the equality of diversity of opportunity with third-sector participation and stakeholder involvement”.

    And – correct me if I’m wrong – “market” days are currently one Saturday morning per month.

    Meanwhile as we speak, the Council’s contractors are pulling down the heritage style lighting columns (lamp posts) and replacing them with cheap and chearful bog-standard ones. Really helps improve the image of the town.

    But of course Prescot doesn’t matter, does it, because Knowsley Met Borough is only interested in seeing how far up Joe Anserson’s **** it can be seen to be. Please Joe can we be part of Liverpool City Region, please, please, pretty please.

  2. Pete

    Friday, November 23, 2012 at 12:37 pm

    “But of course Prescot doesn’t matter, does it, because Knowsley Met Borough is only interested in seeing how far up Joe Anserson’s **** it can be seen to be. Please Joe can we be part of Liverpool City Region, please, please, pretty please”
    Let’s hope the brown-nosing pays off and Huyton, Kirkby etc go back were they belong – Liverpool.
    Can someone from KMBC explain what Knowsley does, why it exists? I mean, Prescot is a Lancashire Market town with a 1000 year plus history and somehow it finds itself lumped in with the detritus of Liverpool overspill from the 1930s-1960s. In these days of austerity, a closure of KMBC would not be missed (welcomed in Prescot!) and Liverpool can grow to be almost everywhere within the M57. Prescot can then get back to running its own affairs as it did so from 1447 – 1974 without too many issues. 500 years sorting their own an thriving…so let’s make this happen in 2013? Go on Knowsley do the right thing and join Liverpool Council / Greater Merseyside or whatever.

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