2013 Local Elections, By-elections in Prescot and Whiston

By on Wednesday, March 27, 2013

ballot_boxConfused? You should be. Nationwide, local elections are set for Thursday 2 May. By-elections for Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council seats are set for Thursday 4 April. But in Whiston, a town council seat is up for grabs on Thursday 25 April.

Knowsley Council’s very poor elections web page seems designed to put people off participating in local democracy (I feel a rant coming on). So here’s the polling information for Prescot and Whiston, as I’ve managed to decipher it.

Thursday 4 April

  • Prescot East (Knowsley Council)
    • Candidates: Adam Butler (Conservative), Carl Cashman (Liberal Democrats), Steff O’Keefe (Labour)
  • Prescot West (Knowsley Council)
    • Candidates: Robert Avery (Conservative), Robert Mbanu (Green), Lynn O’Keefe (Labour), Ian Smith (Liberal Democrats), Stephen Whatham (Trade Unions and Socialists Against Cuts)
  • Prescot North West (Prescot Town Council)
    • Candidates: Carl Cashman (Liberal Democrats), Bill Johnson (Labour)

Thursday 18 April

  • Tushingham Ward (Whiston Town Council)
    • Candidates: Carl Cashman (Liberal Democrats), Mavis Doreen Kayes (Labour)

Polling stations are open from 7.00am to 10.00pm.

If you are a registered voter in any of the above wards, you should have received a polling card in the post from Knowsley Council.


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