New Investment in Eaton Street ‘Reccy’ & Browns Field

By on Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Browns_Field_PrescotPrescot Online has received a few queries recently about the old recreation ground on Eaton Street, known as the ‘reccy’. The disappearance of the toddlers’ play area in the park was of special concern.

But there’s good news from Prescot Town Council, who say it will be back by June 2013. There are also plans for the future of Browns Field, off Carr Lane (pictured).

Town council press release:

Prescot Town Council have recently allocated £15,000 to the development Green Spaces at Eaton Street and Browns Field.

Eaton Street

The Town Council have linked in with Knowsley’s Green Space Team to commission the replacement of the Toddler Play area at Eaton Street Park. The previous equipment had been removed as it had reached the end of its effective lifecycle. The New toddler play area will offer

  • A multi-play climbing unit with slide
  • Toddler Swings;
  • A Springy; and
  • A Spinning Dish

The play area will also be landscaped to include fallen logs and grassed areas to promote natural play and provide continuity with the 8 -13yrs play space.

The development is expected to be completed in June and will further strengthen the park’s application for Green Flag Status.

Browns Field

The Town Council will also commission the production of Master Plan for the future development of Browns Field. The Master Plan will be developed through consultation with stakeholders such as the Friends of Browns Field to ensure all aspects of current and future use are explored. Following consultation all of the information gathered is used to create a vision for park including costs estimates for works required. This document will then support applications for funding to make a plan a reality and deliver first class recreational facilities for Prescot residents.

Photo: Prescot from Carr Lane Playing Fields (Sue Adair)


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