Knowsley Council Respond to Prescot Cemetery Concerns

By on Wednesday, April 17, 2013

prescot_cemetery_new_signYesterday, I documented the poor state of Prescot Cemetery. Knowsley Council have responded via email as follows:

The original aluminium plaque displayed in the cemetery was in a very bad state of repair, so we have removed this for safekeeping and are currently making a permanent replacement plaque – which will be reinstalled at Prescot Cemetery in May. The sign you have photographed is a temporary replacement until this happens.

Just to clear up any confusion, the plaque at Fox’s Bank Cemetery in Whiston is a copy of the Prescot plaque and not the original.

In regards to the maintenance of the cemetery which has also been mentioned in the article, memorials are the responsibility of grave owners.

In regards to the two poles situated in the cemetery we anticipate that new signs should be fitted shortly.

We can also confirm that the gate will be fitted this summer.

To summarise, the council says:

  • The plaque will be replaced in May
  • Other signs will be replaced “shortly”
  • Gates will be replaced in the summer
  • Memorials are the responsibility of the grave owners, not the council

As the poor condition of several memorials is a major concern, I’ve asked Knowsley Council to let me know what powers they have to clear up debris if owners don’t deal with the damaged memorials. The stacks of stone blocks, headstones, etc (see photos), are an eyesore and unfair on those who visit their loved ones in the cemetery and do take care of their memorials.

Update (17/04/13): 

I asked Knowsley Council:

As regards the memorials that are in a state of disrepair, have been vandalised, etc, what powers does Knowsley Council have to enforce owners’ duty to keep them maintained? I assume Knowsley has a process for contacting families, etc, to let them know, but could Knowsley, for example, remove some of the debris if the owners take no action? I’m thinking particularly of the many stacks of blocks (see the photos), which are very unsightly and spoil the property for those who visit and do maintain their families’ memorials.

Knowsley Council responded, through their press office:

As previously outlined, memorials remain the property and responsibility of the registered grave owner and owners are required to check their memorial is safe and in a good state of repair.  Should they find their memorial has become unsafe, they should arrange to have repairs carried out by a monumental mason.

To ensure the safety of visitors and staff in cemeteries, the council carries out regular safety audits of all memorials and reserves the right to make safe any memorial posing a danger.

In the coming week, Bereavement Services operatives will be working at the cemetery, removing any non-memorial materials.


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