Pickles Picks on Knowsley over Taxes

By on Friday, April 26, 2013

257px-Eric_Pickles_OfficialGovernment communities secretary Eric Pickles has criticised Knowsley, along with other other councils in Merseyside, for failing to collect a combined £156 million in council tax.

The Tory MP slammed KMBC, as well as Liverpool, Sefton and Wirral councils, for residents’ unpaid council tax bills, which in Knowsley came to a total of £5.5 million.

“Incompetent and rotten Labour boroughs” are ignoring  tax evasion, Pickles said, accusing Merseyside councils of adding to the financial problems he claims the previous government left behind.

But Liverpool councillors said the stance over tax arrears was hypocritical in light of the Conservatives government’s treatment of corporations such as Starbucks, widely criticised for avoiding paying taxes in the UK.

A spokesperson for Knowsley Council also fought back, telling the Daily Post: “We have an excellent record in collecting council tax in the borough. The figures for last year show Knowsley had the best council tax and business rate collection figures in Merseyside.”

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  1. Dave

    Wednesday, May 1, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    Not a Pickles fan at all but it’s a very valid point.
    Seems Knowsley were quick off the blocks demanding all sorts of bedroom tax answers from vulnerable pensioners (82 year old with Alzheimers) but leave the scallies who’ve paid nothing keep getting away with it.
    Prioritize the poll tax avoiders and defaulters and get back what’s owed, it isn;t fair on those who struggle but pat their fair share.

    Being the ‘best in Merseyside’ is a pathetic response = best of the worst!? well done a pat on the back then?

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