New Trees Arrive on Leyland Street, Prescot

By on Tuesday, May 14, 2013

leyland_street_prescot_new_treesLeyland Street in Prescot town centre is home to new saplings.

Older trees had to be cut down earlier this spring because of the damage they were causing to the road, pavements and nearby buildings. The replacement trees, which arrived on the street on Tuesday 14 May, have contained roots to prevent the same happening again.

The redevelopment of the area is taking place in connection with the Prescot Townscape Heritage Initiative, a Knowsley Council-backed plan to restore the historic character of Eccleston Street and Leyland Street, and regenerate the traditional town centre.

The £4-million THI project received £2 million in National Lottery funding last year.

Photo: Rosemary Tyler

Below: Leyland Street in April 2013 (Prescot Online)


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