New Poco Coffee Pays Homage to Prescot’s Past

By on Wednesday, May 15, 2013

poco_coffee_eccleston_street_scene_hopping_bobThe owner of the newly opened Poco Coffee, Prescot, has decorated the premises with a nod to the town’s rich heritage.

A wall-sized photo (right) shows the historic building, with its distinct Tudor frontage, as it was over a century ago. Although more recently the building has housed gas showrooms and a travel agency, 30 Eccleston Street was once home to a barber and tobacconist known as “Hopping Bob.”

Other walls feature a Mediaeval street scene and an illustration of an Elizabethan theatre, in homage to the Prescot Playhouse that stood at the top of Eccleston Street at the turn of the sixteenth century.

A caricature of William Shakespeare, a friend of the Earl of Derby, greets customers as they enter, and a scene from Hamlet adorns an upstairs window in tribute to the  Great Bard.

Poco owner Richard Sutton opened the coffee shop in late April 2013, and christened it by inviting other local business people and community leaders to a meeting of the Prescot Town Team there.

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