Prescot Conservation Report Acknowledges Poor Town Planning

By on Thursday, May 16, 2013

Prescot_Conservation_AreaA document published by Knowsley Council last year acknowledges the damage the Cables Retail Park has caused to the historic town centre of Prescot.

The report, produced in partnership with independent specialists The Conservation Studio, said the development of retail outlets on the edge of the town had a poor effect on shops in the traditional centre.

“The construction of the Prescot Shopping Centre in the 1980s has been largely over-taken by the provision of the much larger Cables Retail Park beyond,” the report says, “which has had a negative impact on the viability of the shops in the centre of the Conservation Area.”

It adds that the status of the shopping precinct had been “undermined” by the retail park, “which although close to the town centre, has no direct pedestrian links through to it and because of the change in level, feels relatively remote from it.”

Road planning in Prescot has made the town centre “feel somewhat cut off,” it continues.

The Conservation Area extends to Derby Street in the west, past High Street to the north, to the east end of Eccleston Street, and south towards Sewell Street.

The new Prescot Townscape Heritage Initiative is charged with implementing many of the report’s suggestions, which include restoring the historic character of key buildings, and removing modern, unsightly buildings, shopfronts and advertising hoardings.


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