Knowsley Council Replace Prescot Cemetery Plaque, Gates

By on Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Knowsley Council have improved Prescot Cemetery with new gates and a replacement for a historic sign.


Earlier this year, Prescot Online documented the poor state of Prescot Cemetery, following a litany of complaints from residents.

Viv Frodsham, who has family buried in the cemetery, began an online petition calling for the replacement of the historic plaque that once met visitors at the main entrance.

The council responded to the criticisms with a promise to replace the plaque, which had been removed due to its bad state of repair.

As well as replacing the plaque, the council have fitted elegant pedestrian gates either side of the main gates, which they say will be replaced later this summer.

A group of Prescot residents are now discussing the formation of a Friends of Prescot Cemetery, which they hope will be the start of a collaborative effort with the council to restore the graveyard to its rightful state. Residents interested in joining a friends group can contact Prescot Online for more information.

Below: Prescot Cemetery gates, before and after (recent photo by Viv Frodsham):


Damaged plaque (photo by Knowsley Council):


Restored Prescot Cemetery plaque (photos by Viv Frodsham):

VF_new_Prescot_Cemetery_sign VF_new_Prescot_Cemetery_sign_2


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