Prescot Leisure Facility Set for October Opening

By on Friday, June 14, 2013

new Prescot Leisure CentreKnowsley Council have confirmed the new leisure building on Warrington Road, Prescot, will open in October 2013.

The suite, which replaces the former Prescot Leisure Centre, will contain a gym, changing rooms and a cafe-bar.

According to Cllr Eddie O’Connor, Cabinet Member for Leisure, Community and Culture, recent progress means the exterior is now finished and the interior is on its way to completion. He promises the “latest fitness equipment” and “new and modern leisure facilities” for Prescot residents.

Seven new football pitches, made of Third Generation, or 3G, synthetic turf, will open on Monday 15 July.

“These state-of-the-art pitches have the same appearance and characteristics as grass,” Cllr O’Connor told Prescot Online. “They will be a great resource for everyone to use.”

Leisure Centre Controversy

The new pitches have been a source of local controversy, however. Prescot Hockey Club revealed last month they would be moving to St Helens Borough, saying they had never been consulted about changes that affected their ability to train and host tournaments on the site.

The club, which has used the site for over 50 years, also complained about the disruption caused by delays in the project. According to the Knowsley Council website, the new facilities were originally set to open in summer 2012. Later announcements put the opening back to summer 2013.

The loss of the larger Prescot Leisure Centre and adjacent Scotchbarn Swimming Pool, when the Knowsley Culture and Leisure Park opened in Huyton, angered some residents and activists. Lib Dem councillor Ian Smith complained that the proposed replacement was “the equivalent of a matchbox.”

The former Prescot Leisure Centre also included function rooms and council offices, which Prescot Town Council plan to house in the refurbished Fusilier pub, in the town centre, later this year.

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Photo: Artist’s impression of the new facility


  1. Sandra Hughes

    Friday, June 14, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    Albeit a great outdoor facility for the residents of prescot, it does not seem a big enough indoor facility for the surrounding population. I can foresee that The gym which is a 30 person facility, is going to be totally oversubscribed. Peak times are going to be a nightmare for many people. Also where are the facilities for children, apart from those children playing football, there will be nothing for children who do not play football. Prescot needs a public swimming baths. many a time we have traipsed all the way down to huyton leisure only to be told the pool was closed to the public because of swimming clubs or private parties. we have tried phoning beforehand to make sure the pool is open and the phone is never answered. where is prescot residents’ council tax actually going because it does not appear to be improving the leisure facilities here. do knowsley council think that prescot is a small market town still with a small population. Please can we have a swimming pool!

  2. Dave

    Sunday, June 16, 2013 at 8:58 am

    So there is a new pitch as well?
    Could the kmbc spokesman explain why £650k was spent on the pitches 7 years ago and how that waste of tax payers money can be justified?
    If its 18 months behind schedule how much has this facility cost so far?

    Have the local residents been informed that a large cage is going on one of the pitches?

    On the plus side there seems to be plenty of parking space.

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