Baboon Shot Dead at Knowsley Safari Park

By on Sunday, June 16, 2013

baboonA gamekeeper at Knowsley Safari Park in Prescot was forced to shoot dead an escaped baboon on Sunday morning.

While trying to protect his mate, the animal had been chased out of his enclosure by a pack of 20 other males.

Animal management staff immediately followed emergency procedure by trying to move the baboon to a safe area after he scaled an electric fence. Police were also called in to help deal with the situation.

When the primate left the confines of the park’s perimeter fence, however, the gamekeeper had no choice but to shoot to kill, in the interests of public safety.

According to an official news release on the Knowsley Safari Park website, in such a high-adrenalin situation, darting would have taken up to 20 minutes and multiple darts to take effect. The baboon would have become more aggressive and, therefore, more dangerous.

“The team at Knowsley Safari care for every animal housed at the park,” the website read this afternoon. “It’s very sad when something like this happens, but the police, game keeper and animal management team did everything they could to resolve the situation quickly, safely and humanely. Decisions about life and death are not taken lightly by the team at Knowsley.”

The response was in accord with an emergency plan agreed in advance with Knowsley Council.

The official statement continued: “It is our company policy to deal with situations such as these in the best way possible for both the animals and the public and we are so sorry for any distress that this has caused.”

Photo: Hamadryas baboon, of the type housed
at Knowsley Safari Park (Alina Zienowicz)

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