Knowsley Safari Park Make Changes Following Baboon Death

By on Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Knowsley Safari Park has made changes to its baboon enclosure, following Sunday’s incident in which an animal was killed.

The baboon had escaped the park after being threatened by 20 other baboons. To ensure public safety, the gamekeeper said he had no alternative but to shoot.

A Facebook status update from Knowsley Safari Park today announced that an immediate review had led to changes:

Following the very sad incident that occurred on Sunday we conducted an immediate review of the baboon enclosure and have adapted the corner areas to ensure that it is impossible for others to be pushed in a corner, creating an opportunity to flee within the baboon enclosure itself and also to prevent any of the other baboons escaping in the same way. We also began work yesterday on further modifications to the whole fence line, creating a safer environment that will make it impossible for the baboons to climb over in any circumstances. We expect to have this work completed by the end of the week. In the meantime we have put in place constant observation at the baboon enclosure to monitor the groups behaviour and the baboon enclosure will also remain closed to drive through today.

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