Friends on a Mission to Improve Prescot Cemetery

By on Wednesday, July 17, 2013

friends_of_prescot_cemeteryA group of Prescot residents are putting a plan into action to help get the town’s cemetery back into shape.

A dozen people gathered on Monday night to form an official Friends of Prescot Cemetery, which they hope will be the first big step in restoring the graveyard to its rightful state.

Members unanimously voted Carl Cashman as chair and Jennifer Chadwick as secretary, and they’ll soon vote for a treasurer and draw up a formal constitution.

Questions about the cemetery first arose in April, when Prescotian Viv Frodsham drew attention to the missing entrance plaque which for years had welcomed visitors.

Other concerns soon began to surface about the missing gates, the poor condition of some memorials, and the generally unkempt state of the grounds.

The complainants have loved ones in the cemetery or live in the vicinity and regularly experience first-hand the effects of the neglect.

gatesSince then, Knowsley have replaced the gates, and – despite some early setbacks – further work has ensured the entrance is now looking suitably grand and welcoming again (pictured left).

A replica of the original entrance plaque has been returned to its prime location (pictured top, with FOPC members).

Now the Friends of Prescot Cemetery are planning to meet with Steve Jones, of Knowsley Parks and Cemeteries, to discuss how they can work with the council to restore the grounds to a resting place their loved ones would be proud of.

Among the group’s aims are to improve security and tidy up damaged memorials. In the pipeline are volunteer clean-up operations, as well as fundraising for specific projects.

The group’s remit will also include the old churchyard, leading up to St Mary’s Church.

Anyone interested in volunteering as a member of the Friends of Prescot Cemetery can request to join the official FOPC Facebook group. Alternatively, email secretary Jennifer Chadwick or phone her on 0151 426 2767.

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