History Feature: 1911 Prescot Census Revealed

By on Thursday, September 26, 2013

coatofarmsStephen Nulty, of the formidable Prescot Roll of Honour website, uncovers information from the Prescot Census of 1911:

This is the definition of Enumeration District 10 in the Prescot Census of 1911:

Derby Street (2-54 even), Stanley Crescent, Park Road, Royal Hotel Cottages, High Street North from Royal Hotel to Hope Street, Tyrers Passage, Moss House, High Street North from Hope and Anchor Inn to corner of St Helens Road, North Court, Moss Street, Saggersons Court, Eaton Street, Halsall Street, Evans Street, Ward Street, St Helens Road (1-69 odd) & (22-64 even), Rowson Street, Cross Street and New Cross Street

The area comprised 376 inhabited properties, and in these lived 1,743 people – 927 were male, 816 female.

1,026, or just over 58%, had been born in Prescot.

1,028 people recorded an occupation. Of these 229 worked at the Wire Works, 50 in the Watch Industry and 65 in the Coal mines.

211 people were aged under 5, 254 aged 5-10, 322 were 11-20, 603 were aged 21-40, 259 were 41-60, 91 were 61-80 and just 2 people were aged over 80. The oldest resident was John Walker, aged 89, of Derby Street.

44 children under the age of 12 months were listed. As a comparison, in the year 1911, 157 people were buried in St Mary’s Churchyard.

This census was the first time that people (or to be more precise, married women) recorded how long they had been married, how many children they had borne and how many of these had died. 336 married women completed this part of the census. Between them, they had borne 1,413 children – 1,061 had survived and 352 had died.

Amazingly, 26 women recorded that 4 or more of their children had died. Margaret Corns and her husband Thomas, of Hope Street, had produced 13 children, while Rachel Roberts and her husband Charles, of Rowson Street, had 14. Both of these families had lost 7 of their children.


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