Prescot Museum Wants WWI Stories, Memorabilia

By on Friday, October 4, 2013

Your_Country_Needs_You_Lord_Kitchener_WWI_poster(Press release: Knowsley Council)

Does your family have a tale of heroism about an ancestor who fought in the First World War?

Do you know any interesting stories about the experiences of local soldiers who served in the ‘Great War’, or more recent conflicts?

Then a new exhibition, called Local Heroes, Distant Voices, which is being created for Knowsley wants to hear from you.

The exhibition will be spread across three locations – Huyton, Prescot and Kirkby – during 2014, commemorating 100 years since the beginning of World War One. It aims to include the stories of as many local soldiers as possible, but to do this it needs your help!

Local Heroes, Distant Voices will put on display photographs, documents, medals and the personal belongings of local soldiers whose lives were affected and shaped by what was then referred to as “The Great War”.

It will tell the personal stories of Knowsley servicemen and individuals affected by war from the late 19thCentury onward, covering military conflicts up to almost present day.

Local Heroes, Distant Voices is the chance to bring the distant voices of your ancestors back for all to hear.

If you have a relative, friend or neighbour that served in World War One or any other military conflict and would like to share their story as a means of celebrating their life and shedding light on their experience of combat, please get in touch with Tina Ball, Vicky Griffiths or Susan Mackell on 0151 443 5617, or email Contributions from retired and active servicemen and women are also welcome.

The deadline for contacting us with your stories is Thursday 31 October 2013.

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