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By on Wednesday, October 16, 2013

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30 Oct. The campaign to keep Whiston Library open for the community now has a Facebook page.

28 Oct. We now have 28 names of people pledging actual hours to keep Whiston Library open. Keep sharing the survey, as we will submit all the names as an initial ‘expression of interest’ by the end of this week.

Many thanks to Paul Shaw for this link to Arts Council resources for funding local libraries.

18 Oct. The count is up to 22. Please fill in the survey if you are prepared to donate your time and effort to keeping the library open. If you know someone who isn’t online, please complete the survey (with their permission) on their behalf. And spread the word!

17 Oct. Nineteen people have signed up to volunteer their time to save the library. If you can donate your time, effort and skills to running Whiston Library, fill in the survey.

16 Oct. Ten people have responded to the survey with their names, contact info and details of what they’re prepared to do and how much time they can commit to helping run Whiston Library. This is a great start.

(Click here if you haven’t signed up yet.)

The facts so far are that Whiston Library will close in April 2014 unless a community group (that’s me and you!) agrees to take over the running of the building and services. It means volunteering the hours and doing the hard work of finding funding for the upkeep of the building. It’s been done elsewhere in the country (more on that coming soon), and with commitment and passion, we can do it, too.

15 Oct. Prescot Online has created a survey to collect names of people interested in helping to keep Whiston Library running for the community. It’s a short survey requiring your name and contact details, and asking how many hours per week/month you would be prepared to volunteer, and what you are able to do, eg, fundraising, staffing, cleaning, maintenance.

We have till the end of October to present the results to Knowsley Council as evidence that a committed group of local people are interested in taking on the library as a community-owned and -run facility. Click here for the survey.

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