Warrington Road, Prescot: Vintage Photos

By on Thursday, October 17, 2013

Enjoy this selection of vintage photographs of Warrington Road in Prescot, courtesy of collector Alec Wallace.

The first three appear to be from roughly the same era, showing Warrington Road looking away from Prescot, towards Rainhill. The photographer would have been standing roughly at the junction of Eccleston Street, just past where The Big Chippy now stands.

To the right is Tommy Hall’s pub, and the tallest building on the left is the Reform Club. Further down the street, with the black-and-white timber front jutting out, are the old Parish Rooms.





This next picture shows the same stretch of road from the other end, with Beaconsfield on the left. Perhaps some old-timers can identify the building? It may have been the Salvation Army church, which later moved nearer further away from the town centre. The old church school would have been somewhere just out of the photo.


Finally, the old BICC Dining Rooms, which later became part of Prescot Leisure Centre. These were demolished in 2011 to make way for the new Prescot Soccer & Leisure Centre.



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