Prescot Substation Fire Burns Overnight

By on Saturday, October 26, 2013

fireA fire blazed through a two-storey Prescot building for over seven hours on Friday night.

Emergency services were called to the power substation on Hall Lane at 11.15pm on Friday 25 October. Firefighters had to wait for Scottish Power engineers to cut electricity before they could tackle the fire.

Its location also meant the source of the fire was difficult to reach.

Three fire engines, from Whiston, Huyton and Old Swan, fought the blaze for hours, finally extinguishing it at 6.35am on Saturday.

Local residents were advised to shut windows and doors to avoid inhaling smoke, which could be smelled across Prescot and Whiston.

Investigators believe an electrical fault may have been to blame for the incident, which caused severe fire and smoke damage to parts of the substation.

Image: Dave Hogg

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