Jonathan Fitchett Death Was ‘All a Big Accident,’ Court Hears

By on Tuesday, December 10, 2013

liverpool_crown_court A man accused of murdering Prescot man Jonathan Fitchett has said he was “devastated” over the death, telling the court it was “a big tragic accident.”

Stephen Price, 28, of Prescot, is on trial with Gerard Childs, 27, of Rainhill, at Liverpool Crown Court. Fitchett died on Friday 12 July 2013, one day after being attacked outside JD Sports at Cables Retail Park, Prescot.

The defendants have pleaded not guilty, claiming they acted in self-defence.

Describing the events of Thursday 11 July, Price told the court he ran to help his friend Childs after witnessing Fitchett punch him.

He said the incident was related to an ongoing feud between Fitchett and Paul Jennings, who was also present at the scene of the alleged murder.

Fitchett had wanted to fight Jennings since they brawled on a plane to Thailand, according to Price.

Price had heard Fitchett was a cage fighter and a “bully,” he said. “I was scared because he was bigger then me. All I’ve done is defend my friend, and I tried to defend myself.”

“We didn’t want anyone to die,” he said. “I’m fucking devastated, you know”

He did not comment when asked to point out where in CCTV footage he was defending himself.

The trial, which began last Tuesday, 3 December,  continues.

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