Jonathan Fitchett Murder Trial: Accused Blames Friend for Fatal Punch

By on Thursday, December 12, 2013

liverpool_crown_courtA Rainhill man accused of murder has said his friend landed the blow that led to the death of a Prescot man.

Gerard Childs, 27, is charged with the murder of Jonathan Fitchett, 22, who died on Friday 12 July 2013, the day after a fight at Cables Retail Park, Prescot.

During the trial at Liverpool Crown Court, Childs said his friend and co-accused Stephen Price, 28, was responsible for the punch that left Fitchett unconscious.

Childs said Fitchett had approached his car at the retail park in Prescot, accusing Childs of calling him a “grass.”

The dispute went back several years, Childs said.

Childs got out of the car and tried to talk to him, he told the court, but he was scared of Fitchett, whom he believed was a cage fighter and used steroids.

He tried to punch Fitchett, thinking he was about to hit first, but “it skimmed him.”

When Fitchett grabbed Childs by the neck, Price left the car and punched Fitchett to the floor. According to Childs, he said, “That’s how you knock someone out.”

Childs denied aiming any more punches or kicks at Fitchett after that.

Defending Price, Nicholas Johnson, QC, told Childs he was willing to blame Price, whom he considered “like a brother,” to get himself “off the hook.”

Childs replied, “I was telling the truth.”

The trial continues.

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