We Just Want Harvey Home for Christmas

By on Friday, December 13, 2013

harvey_missing_poodle_rainhillJude and Shaun want only one thing this Christmas – they want their little boy back home where he belongs.

Jude Devine and Shaun Robertson live in Sheffield, but they visit friends and family in Prescot and Rainhill often.

It was on one such trip in November that the three-year-old they love so much disappeared.

Harvey is an adorable black and grey poodle.

Jude and Shaun have no children, so they proudly describe Harvey as “our baby.” He goes everywhere with the couple, and together they’ve visited an impressive twelve countries.

harvey_and_jude“We waited twenty years to find a dog that Shaun wasn’t allergic to,” Jude told Prescot Online, “and finally we found Harvey. He is simply the best dog ever!”

On 23 November, they went out for the evening, leaving Harvey in the care of friends in Rainhill. They believe their beloved pet became anxious in their absence and ran off to find them. Scared and not knowing the area, he has been missing ever since.

The couple immediately announced a £500 reward to anyone who returned Harvey. They appealed to Facebook friends to look out for him, and word soon spread. Volunteers have joined regular searches, the most recent of which drew 100 people.

shaun_harvey“The community has been amazing,” Jude said. “Harvey has won everyone’s hearts.”

Over 2,000 people have joined the Find Harvey Facebook group, and through them, Harvey’s family have managed to commandeer police, postmen, and bus and taxi drivers to help them in their search.

“We are exhausted with the search and travelling backwards and forwards, but Prescot people are just the best, and our making the job so much easier,” added Jude. “We have made new friends for life in this search and very much want to come and settle back home now – with our Harvey-boy.”

find_harveyJude says she and Shaun have been overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers. Within a few hours of opening a fund, they’d received £500 in donations, which have been spent on leaflets, posters and banners appealing for Harvey’s safe return.

A former Rainhill resident, now living in Berkshire, was so moved by their plight, she donated £100.

Harvey has been sighted many times around Rainhill, Whiston, Prescot and Huyton since his disappearance, but his increasing fear has made capture difficult.


“Our lives have come to a standstill since he went, but we have been overwhelmed by the generosity of the Merseyside communities helping us,” Jude said.

More Info on the Campaign to Find Harvey

  • Join the Find Harvey Facebook Group
  • If you see Harvey:
    • Don’t call him by name, chase after him or try to grab him, as this will frighten him away
    • Phone 077 2424 2375 or 077 6431 8791 immediately
    • Don’t forget, 101 is the non-emergency number that puts you straight through to your local police station

See More of Missing Dog Harvey (Video)

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