‘Find Harvey’ Couple Plan a Wedding with Wellies

By on Monday, January 6, 2014

jude_shaun_find_harvey_rainhillA couple who have stopped at nothing to find their lost dog have planned to marry – as soon as their pet poodle returns.

Shaun Robertson and Jude Devine, of Sheffield, last saw three-year-old Harvey on 23 November 2013, when they were visiting friends and family in Rainhill.

They left him in the care of friends for the evening, but he got scared in their absence and ran away.

Since then, they have commandeered a ‘Harvey Army’ of volunteers coordinating the search for their beloved boy. Over 3,500 people are part of the Find Harvey Facebook group, many of whom are actively out looking for him.

But after 45 days, Shaun has realised Harvey isn’t the only one on the run.

“After twenty years on the run himself, Shaun decided to surrender and propose to Jude,” said family friend and Harvey Army volunteer Fiona Eldean. “The wedding is to be as soon as Harvey surrenders.”

harvey_missing_poodle_rainhillThey’ll marry in a dog-friendly field, and the dress code will be wellington boots. Harvey will be guest of honour.

The couple have set up local HQ in the camper van they’ve shared with Harvey on many European tours. In keeping with their love of travelling, they say they’ll welcome tents and camper vans to their outdoor wedding.

While they await their special day – and the return of their special boy – the search continues.

“Despite regular sightings, Harvey remains on the run,” said Fiona, “but the efforts of the local community carry on gaining momentum. New friendships and alliances have been formed and it is remarkable to witness the strength that a community can display.”

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