If We Don’t Act, We Lose Whiston Library

By on Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Whiston_Library_KnowsleyOn 1 April 2014, Whiston Library will close – unless you and I commit the time and effort to keep it open for ourselves and future generations.

There’s a time for bemoaning the devastating budget cuts that have been forced on local councils by central government. There’s a time for bemoaning the details of where the borough has chosen to cut services and why.

But there’s also a time to realise that if we want to save libraries and other vital services in the community, we have to do it for ourselves. No one is going to step up and do the work for us.

That time is now.


Since forming Our Whiston Library, aka OWL, we’ve gathered a group of faithful volunteers. We’ve met regularly to talk, to plan and to generate ideas for the future of Whiston Library.

To keep the library open, however, we need more than a handful of people, however passionate and dedicated they are. We need you. We need local people who are generous with their time, skills and efforts.

We have a borough council willing to hand over the library to the community – but only if we prove we have the numbers and ability.

We have a major partner willing to take a punt on us and help us keep our library – but again, only if we prove we’re up to the task.

We have the chance to save Whiston Library as a buzzing community hub, providing opportunities for everyone in the community, young and old, to learn and to grow together.

It’s a chance too exciting to turn down.

Dave (Editor)

owl_logo_with_mascot_300_pxSAVE WHISTON LIBRARY: ACT NOW

OWL welcomes volunteers of all ages, whatever your experience and whatever time you can offer.

In return for giving up your spare time to help Whiston Library, you’ll gain new skills, get valuable experience for your CV or UCAS application, and get the sense of achievement that comes from investing in the community.

To apply, download an application form (.doc/Word format) and email the completed form to whistonlibrary@gmail.com as soon as possible.

Alternatively, print off a PDF version of the form, and return it in person to Whiston Library.

You can also pick up a paper application at the library.

More information:

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