Iberian Wolves Settle in to New Home at Knowsley Safari (Video)

By on Thursday, May 8, 2014

iberian wolf knowsley safari park prescotTwo Iberian wolves are making themselves at home in a new enclosure at Knowsley Safari Park.

The sisters, Maria and Morena, arrived in December from Gaia Zoo, Holland, and were first housed in a small wooded area with extra shelter.

Now the pair are used to their surroundings, keepers are encouraging them to explore and enjoy the full habitat.

Indigenous to northern Portugal and northwestern Spain, Iberian wolves were hunted close to extinction in the fifties. Since then, curbs on hunting, people moving from rural areas into cities and protection from zoos and safari parks have helped the population to recover.

Watch video of the sisters below:

“Maria and Morena enjoy a regular feast of beef and rabbit,” said Eveline de Wolf, Head of Animal Management at Knowsley Safari, “but keepers have also spotted them catching the odd mouse or other small resident in their enclosure.

“Like all wolf species, Iberian wolves live in packs consisting of adult pairs and their offspring. We are working towards bringing in a male in the future, with the long term aim to foster a small breeding pack.”

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