‘Harvey’s Army’ Gets 12,000 Signatures to Support Change in Dog Law

By on Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A couple who lost their pet dog have found 12,000 supporters to help them campaign for a change in the law.

Shaun Robertson and Jude Devine, from Sheffield, were visiting family and friends in Rainhill last year, when their beloved poodle Harvey escaped.

They spent thousands of pounds on a high-profile publicity campaign and commandeered hundreds of local volunteers, who came to be known as Harvey’s Army, to find him.

In February 2014, however, they found out he had been hit by a vehicle and killed on 23 November – the night he went missing.

They discovered their pet’s fate through a Highways Agency officer, and were angry that they hadn’t been notified sooner.

Harvey was microchipped, and Shaun and Jude still have unanswered questions as to why they had to wait three months for

Now the couple and their supporters want to see a legal change that will it easier for owners to find out if their household pets have been killed on Britain’s roads.

A petition to the government for ‘Harvey’s Law’ proposes three new Highways Agency requirements:

Compulsory scanning of all domestic animals retrieved from the highways.
Log report filed and circulated to both Police and Dog Warden.
Photographs of the deceased to be held with the log report to be used for identification purposes.

Signatories hope the legislation will save “the heartache, frustration and distress caused because of inadequate and unenforced procedures.”


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