Prescot & Whiston Local Elections 2014

By on Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Knowsley Metropolitan Borough CouncilBritain goes to the polls this Thursday, 22 May, to vote for local councillors and members of European Parliament.

Candidates standing in Prescot and Whiston for seats on Knowsley Council are as follows:

Prescot West Ward

  • Robert Avery (Conservative Party)
  • Adam Flanders (Labour Party)
  • Charlie Smith (UK Independence Party)
  • Ian Smith (Liberal Democrats)

Prescot East Ward

  • Denise Allen (Labour Party)
  • Carl Cashman (Liberal Democrats)

Whiston North Ward

  • Pauline Kelly (Labour Party)
  • Marjorie Sommerfield (Liberal Democrats)

Whiston South Ward

  • Bernard Neill (Conservative Party)
  • Tony Newman (Labour Party)

More information on how and where to vote is at has a full list of North West European Parliament candidates for 2014.

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