Police Crack down on Scrambler and Quad Bikes in Knowsley

By on Monday, July 7, 2014

Merseyside Police has announced it will get tough on criminal and antisocial use of quads and scrambler bikes this summer.

Officers will target places identified by the public as quad and scrambler hotspots, including parks and roads.

Both plain-clothes and high-visibility patrols will play a part in the Merseyside-wide Operation Brookdale, gathering intelligence from communities, enforcing traffic laws, preventing illegal riders from topping up at petrol stations, and educating schoolchildren about biking laws.

“In the wrong hands these bikes are potentially lethal,” said ¬†Superintendent David Charnock, “and people need to understand the legislation in relation to the legal use of these bikes, and the potential consequences of driving these bikes irresponsibly.”

He continued: “Anyone who takes to the roads illegally and poses a danger to pedestrians and other motorists on our roads, risks losing their licence and if their reckless driving results in injury or death they will face a prison sentence. My message to these people is ask yourself – is it worth the risk?”

Quad bikes and scramblers are subject to the same rules as other motor vehicles, and drivers mst therefore have a licence, insurance and an up-to-date MOT.

Police have also warned that parents who allow their children to ride bikes in a public place risk being prosecuted.

Phone your local police station on 101 to report antisocial or criminal use of bikes in your neighbourhood.

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