Prescot Artist behind Red Bull Harbour Reach Ad

By on Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Prescot artist is behind the stunning imagery used by Red Bull in its ad campaign for Harbour Reach 2014.

Red Bull Harbour Reach Liverpool

Philip Ferguson Jones grew up in Prescot, attending Prescot School, and has since made his name as an illustrator and medical artist.

Earlier this year, he was approached by energy drink manufacturers Red Bull for the second year running to design the poster art for Harbour Reach 2014, 30 August’s wakeboarding contest that boasts “20 of the world’s most elite athletes” on a purpose-built wake course “inspired by Liverpool’s industrial heritage.”

Philip-Ferguson-JnesPhilip has gone back to the city’s heritage for inspiration, too, basing his illustrations on Liverpool’s terraced roofs.

“I’ve always been interested in roofs,” said Philip, “and have done many paintings, drawings and prints depicting this.

“If you get on a roof, as I did, you will see that in-between each chimney, it rises and resembles waves.”

The image, which can now be seen on banners and posters around the city, “places wakeboarding at the heart of Liverpool,” depicting an athlete soaring above the Albert Dock, with the chimneys and waves alternating in the waters below.

The background features the iconic Liver Building.

More of Philip’s artwork can be seen at

Red Bull Harbour Reach 2014 takes place this Saturday. More information is online at

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