Five Men Get 82 Years for ATM Thefts in Prescot & Nationwide

By on Friday, September 5, 2014

Damage 3A man from Rainhill has been sentenced for his role a string of cash machine thefts, including an ATM raid at NatWest bank, Prescot.

Five men received a total of 82 years between them for the offences, committed across the North West and Midlands in 2013.

Ian Ellis, 30, of Warrington Road, Rainhill, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to cause an explosion and conspiracy to commit burglary, and was sentenced to 13 years.

Craig Cartwright, 39, of Coventry, and Kurt Beddoes, 31, of Orrell Park, also pleaded guilty to both offences, and each received 17 years.

Thomas Whittingham, 28, of West Derby, and Anthony Bushell, 29, of Old Swan, were both found guilty after trial, and received 18 and 17 years, consecutively.

Between them, the men were responsible for ATM attacks at 28 banks, post offices and supermarkets, resulting in losses to the businesses of about £1.5 million, as well as property damage estimated at more than £200,000.

The men raided NatWest Prescot, on Eccleston Street in the town centre, in the early hours of Thursday 12 September last year. As they had done at other locations, they blew up the cash machine and escaped with cash.

They were arrested in December and found guilty in July 2014 after a trial at Liverpool Crown Court, where they were sentenced today (Friday 5 September).

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