Council Plan to Give up Prescot, Whiston Greenbelt

By on Wednesday, October 1, 2014

whiston greenspaceKnowsley Council’s Local Plan will allow residential developments on greenbelt across the borough, including Prescot and Whiston.

Among the previously protected land now earmarked for housing are the fields between the Prescot bypass and Whitaker’s Garden Centre, and most of Whiston’s open space between Lickers Lane and the M62.

KMBC are hosting consultations in both towns this week, where members of the public can view documents relating to the proposals, and give their opinion on the plans.

The Prescot consultation is at Knowsley Park Centre for Learning on Thursday 2 October, between 4pm and 7pm.

In Whiston, a consultation takes place at the George Howard Centre on Lickers Lane on Friday 3 October, between 4pm and 7pm.

Some Whiston residents are meeting at the recreation ground (the ‘Cricky,’ which lies within the proposed area for development) on the corner of Windy Arbor Road and Lickers Lane at 5.30pm for a peaceful walk to the consultation, where they will object to the the plans.

Protesters have set up a public Facebook group called ‘Save Whiston’s Greenbelt.’

Knowsley Council made the proposals in 2013, but modifications to the borough’s Local Plan mean they may be adopted as soon as 2015. They say the plans are necessary to meet the area’s need for houses and jobs.

The public consultation is open until 14 November, and residents can register their views by emailing or sending a letter to Local Plan Team, Knowsley Council, 1st Floor Annexe, Municipal Buildings, Archway Road, L36 9YU.

More information, including documentation, is available at

Image: Map showing greenbelt earmarked
for development in Whiston & Cronton


  1. micky g

    Friday, October 3, 2014 at 10:03 pm

    The blurb for local development plans goes on about ‘giving communities more power in planning and local development’ All very well if the elected councillors do their job and ensure the information gets through peoples doors.
    this consultation process has been going on over three years, yet it is only now once the developers had their say, that the letters start arriving only on the fringe of the proposed development areas. The council keeps the publicity to the minimum and says it is working to goverment guidlines and demands.
    Also have a look at ‘technical consultationon
    the developers want to give you even less time to react to propasals. No chance for busy working people with families.
    Oh and you have missed the 8 week consultation period.
    Write to and phone your MP’s and councillors after all they are supposed to represent you. and if they say they do, ask them why are they bending to whitehall dictat and national developers.

  2. Dave J

    Tuesday, October 14, 2014 at 12:27 pm

    “They say the plans are necessary to meet the area’s need for houses and jobs.”

    Anyone who has the chance to move away from Knowsley is doing so or left years ago!! Why do you think the new school in Dovecot is closed after 3 years and a 35 year mortgage to pay? no kids, not enough families, no-one wants to bloody live here!
    What we need is simple. Abolish Knowsley council as it is too small, has zero understanding of the communities it’s meant to support and has been a car crash of a borough wasting millions over the last 40 years. Halewood, Huyton, Kirkby and Stockbridge into Liverpool with Prescot and Whiston in with St Helens. It’s not that difficult is it? and think of all the other top jobs and salaries we will no longer have to fund, 25% of which have no formal qualifications!!! that’s the quality of this lot at Knowsley!!

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