Post-Christmas Snow for Prescot? Probably Not

By on Friday, December 26, 2014

snow_bird_footprintsThe North West of England is on a yellow weather warning for cold weather, as the Met Office predicts potential snow, sleet and rain across the country.

Snow is likeliest in Wales and the Midlands, although Merseyside could see some on Boxing Day.

According to the latest forecasts, however, Prescot is more likely to see rain, with temperatures at about 4C over Friday and Saturday, dipping to 1C overnight.

Nevertheless, wrap up in the cold temperatures, and be prepared for the possibility of a few flakes coming in this direction.

Image: Pica pica (European magpie) footprints in Kereva, Finland,
by Anneli Salo. Licensed for reuse under Creative Commons.

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