Introducing Prescot Online Classified Ads

By on Wednesday, January 14, 2015

classifiedsfeatGot a shop to advertise, a business to plug, or got something you want to buy or sell? Maybe just a message or plea you want to get out there?

Prescot Online will be publishing classified advertisements every Tuesday, starting soon. With thousands of visitors a week, is the best way to target your ad directly to people in Prescot, Whiston, Rainhill and the surrounding area.

Here’s what you need to supply:

  • Headline (30 characters max)
  • Ad (50 words max)
  • Contact info (100 characters max, can include address, phone, email address and/or website)

Here’s what you get:

  • Your ad published on Prescot Online Classifieds for one week or more
  • Promotion on social media (Facebook/Twitter)


  • £2.50 1 week
  • £4 2 weeks
  • £6 4 weeks

Add a 75 x 75 pixel image for an extra £1.

Sample ad:


Buy the best cod in town, from only £2 a piece. Special offers on haddock and plaice all January! 19 Bloggs Ave, Bloggstown, BL33 EGG. Tel. 5555 555 5555


Here’s how to submit your ad:

  • Email the editor at with the header “Prescot Online Classifieds”
  • Include your text and any image (eg, a 75 x 75 px logo or photo that you own)
  • Tell Dave which Tuesday you want the ad to appear, and how long for
  • Pay by cash or PayPal (debit and credit cards fine) to before publication

Legit, legal and family-friendly only, please. Ads are published at the editor’s discretion.

Small discounts are available for advance payment on long-term ads, eg, 6 to 12 months.

Don’t forget, we have other short- or long-term advertising options starting at £15 a month. Contact Prescot Online if you’re interested.

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