Prescot’s Shakespearean Mural Repaired

By on Tuesday, January 20, 2015

shakespeare_wall_mural_prescotPrescot’s Shakespearean mural is being repaired this week.

Town centre shoppers were shocked to see the wall art, on the corner of Leyland and Eccleston Streets, was peeling away earlier this month.

The combination of rain and heavy winds accelerated the damage, with parts of the two-storey image falling to the ground

Eurovisual Media, who created and installed the art, said rainwater appeared to have worked its way from underneath the upper right eave and behind the artwork, via the mortar channel.

Eventually a blister formed, bursting the seal and opening up the mural to wind damage.

The company said that while the sudden deterioration had caused understandable criticism, the fallen pieces were small enough not to pose any danger to public safety.

Eurovisual Media are repairing the mural, with extra-strength seals, and scheduling quarterly inspections at no extra cost.

The wall art, depicting an Elizabethan theatre similar to the town’s own Prescot Playhouse, was commissioned by the voluntary Prescot Town Team, funded by Knowsley Council and erected in summer 2014.

Its presence as an attraction for residents and tourists looks ahead to Shakespeare North‘s plans to build a theatre and college in Prescot.

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