Babies Arrive at Knowsley Safari Park

By on Monday, February 16, 2015

capybara_pups(Scroll down for video!)

Visitors to Knowsley Safari Park will hear the pitter-patter of tiny webbed feet this half-term, following the arrival of two capbybara pups.

Smudge and Sprout were born to Mrs Brown and Benny in the new year, and are sticking close to Mummy and Daddy as they explore the park’s Equatorial Trail.

The capybara is a semi-aquatic animal classified as the largest rodent in the world, and is native to South America.

Weighing in at up to 150 pounds and growing up to four and a half feet long, they are excellent swimmers, and can remain completely submerged for up to five minutes.



Animal keeper Craig Scott said the first-time parents arrived in summer 2013, and “it wasn’t long before love blossomed between the pair.

“Mum and babies are doing well, and settling into family life. Visitors will be able to take a ride on the Equatorial Express and keep a sharp eye out for the pups as they learn to swim in Mizzy Lake and explore the four-acre Equatorial Trail.”

Watch the pups below:

Spring opening hours began on Saturday 14 February. For more information click here or visit

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