Arthur the Sea Lion Meets Knowsley MP

By on Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A sea lion named Arthur had a private audience with Knowsley MP George Howarth last week.


One a much-loved intellectual and public figure, the other a politician, the two met at Knowsley Safari Park, where Mr Howarth was celebrating English Tourism Week.

The cuddly, whiskered creature is often the focus of attention for camera-happy tourists – and the same goes for Arthur the Sea Lion.

During his visit, Mr Howarth thanked Safari staff, as well as representatives from Acorn Farm, Knowsley Chamber of Commerce and safari-based outdoor adventure group Komaru, for helping to bring visitors to the borough.

“Knowsley Safari has built a national reputation over many decades as a must-see attraction,” said Edward Perry, the park’s director. “This was evident in the recent half term holiday week, when we experienced our highest ever visitor numbers.

“All of the region’s businesses work to bring people and money into the Knowsley area. Mr Howarth appreciates and supports the dedication that this takes, so it was great to be able to show him around.”

The content of the discussions between the Member of Parliament and Arthur the Sea Lion remains a closely guarded secret.

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