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By on Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Prescot . Whiston . Rainhill



St Helens Council Candidates


Kathleen Barton – Conservative Party
Joseph De Asha – Labour Party
Harold Gibbons – UK Independence Party
Laura Taylor – Green Party

Rainhill Parish Council Candidates

Rainhill North Ward
Brian Almond – Labour Party
Julia Doyle – Labour Party
Ellen Glover – Labour Party
Brian Heydon – Labour Party
Derek Long – Labour Party
William Wood – Labour Party

Rainhill South Ward
James Carroll – Labour Party
Joseph De Asha – Labour Party
John Fulham – Labour Party
Christopher Moore – Labour Party

Rainhill West Ward
Mark Donovan – Labour Party
Stephen Glover – Labour Party
Barrie Grunewald – Labour Party
Patricia Long – Labour Party

Rainhill Polling Stations (open 7am-10pm)

The Black Horse, Rainhill Road, L35 4PF (Mobile Polling Station)
Longton Lane Primary School, Longton Lane, L35 8PB
Rainhill Scout Hut, Deepdale Drive, L35 4NW
St Ann’s Millennium Centre, View Road, L35 0LE

Click here for Knowsley, & St Helens South & Whiston Election parliamentary candidates.

If you have any questions, or you don’t know your ward or your polling station, call St Helens Elections on 01744 676464.

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