Government Says Knowsley Greenbelt Plans ‘Sound’

By on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

greenbeltfeatA government inspector has approved plans to allow development on Knowsley’s greenbelt.

The borough council say they’ve had no choice but to remove protections from the land, due to government housing targets. Protesters say it would damage the environment, however, and put an impossible burden on local infrastructure, such as roads, schools and the NHS.

Hearings were reconvened in June this year to give residents another opportunity to register their objections.

prescot_greenbeltInspector Martin Pike said he acknowledged “substantial opposition” from local communities, but was satisfied that building on greenbelt was both an essential part of Knowsley’s Local Plan and in keeping with national policy.

The only modification to the plan will see some land in Knowsley Village preserved, but land elsewhere in the borough will still be made available for development.

Images: Gridded areas show greenbelt under threat in Whiston (top), Cronton (top) and Prescot (bottom).


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