Prescot Charity Group Needs New Leader

By on Friday, July 17, 2015

The Marie Curie Rainhill and Prescot Fundraising Group are looking for a new leader. Could this be the role you have been looking for?

Paul McDermott, 44, from Rainhill works full time as a National Sales Manager for an appliance firm, managing a team of external sales people.

For the past two years, in his spare time, Paul has volunteered for Marie Curie in the Rainhill and Prescot Fundraising Group.

“Being the Chair of the local fundraising group is both challenging and rewarding,” said Paul. “It’s a great group of people that are going from strength to strength.

“In the last financial year, we raised a staggering £19k, and I’m really proud that I drove that success!

“Fortunately for me, I have been offered the opportunity to manage my local football team. Unfortunately, it means I have to step down from my role as Chairperson, although I still intend to support the group.

“We’re now looking for a new leader to take over my role. The volunteers are full of enthusiasm and fun to work with, we have become friends. It only takes up a few hours a month… Could this be the role for you?”

The Rainhill and Prescot Fundraising Group meet monthly and organise small, local fundraising activities.

Their next meeting is on Tuesday 21 July at 6.30pm at the Victoria Pub, Warrington Road, Rainhill. Everyone is welcome. For more information, please call Colette on 0151 801 1405.

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