MP Rimmer Assault Case Dropped, Will Return to Court

By on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

marie_rimmer_labour_st_helensSt Helens South & Whiston MP Marie Rimmer walked free from a Scottish court this week, as an assault case against her was dismissed.

Ms Rimmer is accused of kicking a woman at a polling station in Glasgow during the 2014 Scottish independence referendum.

Patricia McLeish says she was handing out “Yes” leaflets when Rimmer, from the “No” side of the campaign, approached her in an “intimidating” manner before kicking her in the shin.

In March this year, a sheriff ruled to postpone her trial until after the general election, which the Labour politician went on to win with 78.1 percent of the vote.

When the case returned to court on Monday 4 August,¬†Sheriff Brian Adair dismissed it because the prosecution had failed to mention the word “Glasgow” in the official court complaint.

The Crown Office announced today that it will re-raise the case, however.

Ms Rimmer denies the charges.

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