Knowsley Pledge to Support Refugees

By on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

syrian_refugee_childrenKnowsley Council have promised help for refugees fleeing the civil war in Syria.

The council say they will “identify homes” for up to 30 Syrian families escaping the armed conflict that has so forced more than 4 million out of their homeland.

Many Syrians have had loved ones killed and their neighbourhoods destroyed, and live in fear for their own lives.

Knowsley expect the government to provide the necessary financial support, however, especially for the placing of unaccompanied children in foster care.

Despite widespread speculation from Knowsley residents on social media, the council have not promised refugees priority over Knowsley residents in getting social housing. They are waiting for more guidance from the government before deciding the details of what help they can offer.

“The humanitarian crisis in Syria is of such a horrific scale,” said Cllr Chris O’Hare, the Knowsley Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, “and we cannot and we must not turn our backs on those people.

“It is right that we offer safety and shelter to families who are in such desperate need, and in Knowsley we fully intend to play our part. We are waiting for the Government to explain just how they also intend to help.”

She added: “We want to play our part in extending the hand of friendship and welcome to the displaced people of Syria. It is right that all local authorities do what they can to support these families and children.

“But there is a significant financial cost to this support. We are calling on the Government to ensure we are properly resourced to give the support needed to help these families integrate into our community and begin to get their lives back together.”

In Prescot, a group of volunteers headed by young activists have been collecting donations of food and clothing to be shipped to refugees in camps at Calais.

Find out more on the Facebook page Knowsley Supporting the Refugees.

Image: Syrian refugee children now living on a building site in Lebanon
(Wikipedia, licensed for reuse under Creative Commons)

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